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The Britt Earrings

The Britt Earrings


Turquoise spike with gold wire wrapping and hypo-allergenic hooks - 1.5" drop

Some of you may know Britt from ABC’s The Bachelor, but her story and her heart go infinitely deeper than that.

Britt is a fighter + this is her story.

“I have long struggled with eating and self esteem issues that stem from a frantic attempt to cover up shame, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. For me, the only way to battle these issues has been by receiving from God what I can't conjure up myself: hope, love, acceptance, grace, peace and self-control.

These earrings resemble a raindrop and remind me that God's love is always raining down in steady, unceasing waterfalls of grace. I don't have to be perfect, look perfect, perform, or strive to fix myself. I simply have to surrender and absorb the rainfall to refresh my weary soul and remember I am NOT alone.

I wore similar earrings frequently on the show so they almost became a trade-mark for me. My prayer is that they remind you to pause, get refreshed, and filled up before heading back into battle, so that together we can go forth in abundance, strength, and victory!"

10% of all sales of these earrings will go to World Vision - a non-profit close to Britt’s heart

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