In Collaboration with Humanity & Hope United

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The Emerita Bracelet is a leather bracelet that represents a specific location in Honduras - the village of La Cuchilla. There is more behind these numbers than just it’s coordinates. There is a story of a woman named Emerita, who with the help of her husband, led Humanity and Hope United to La Cuchilla. This village of 27 families had been praying for help for years, and today we are taking steps toward answering their prayers. 


Emerita leads a group of women in a chicken business in another village called La Coroza. She is passionate about creating jobs to provide la Cuchilla more opportunities for a better future. Every bracelet was created by women like Emerita, who believe in opportunities. When you purchase this bracelet, you too are choosing to believe in creating opportunities for others. Each bracelet will provide 3 days of work for a woman in Honduras. 

Doxahlogy believes that YOU are a gift the world needs and when you Purchase with Purpose, you plant seeds that will continue to grow for years to come and in turn you become part of someone’s story.


Along with this bracelet, you can Purchase with Purpose with Humanity and Hope United to support the villages of Honduras and the needs of many other countries in this world.

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